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We help organisations like yours to plan, launch and grow
sustainable user adoption of Office 365.


Ready for your workforce to unlock real business value from:
SharePoint, OneDrive, Yammer, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams
 and the rest of Office 365?

Let’s work together to embed Office 365 into your work practices.

Our featured service

Thinking about Microsoft Teams
but not sure how to articulate business value to your organisation?


In this engagement, we will focus on helping small groups within your organisation to identify high-value business use cases or scenarios
for which Microsoft Teams can have a positive impact on business results.

We will discover your current state of the Microsoft Teams environment and associated infrastructure through our discovery & success criteria. We will facilitate several co-design workshops, train/coach PoC participants, understand your organisations’ specific environment and much more…

Find out more about our ‘Proof of Concept’ service here

We don't sell Office 365. We don't deploy Office 365

All we care about is helping you to unlock value from Office 365

We measure our success through the success of our customers.  Whilst knowing “how many files stored”, or “how many likes on my post” is great, what we care about is helping you to improve processes, reduce cost of service delivery, improve your employee and customer experience, and ultimately help your business to achieve what it sets out to achieve.

What our customers say

Microsoft partner of the year
user adoption
user adoption

We believe work is a thing you do... not a place you go!

We empower our team to work from anywhere, combining our customer focused culture with flexible work practices and great technology to make it possible – Microsoft Surface and Office 365.

This enables us to deliver value to customers across Australia and New Zealand.  From the office towers of Sydney and Melbourne.  Across the remote mining operations in Western Australia.  To rural & alpine sites in the South Island.  With an internet connection, we can be productive from anywhere.

But sometimes we need fast internet, strong coffee, and people around us changing the world.  Which is why we love our co-working families at Little Tokyo Two in Brisbane, Claisebrook Design Community in Perth and BizDojo in Auckland.

Click here to learn more about how we implement our flexible work practices, powered by Office 365

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