How B-corp helped us become the best 'for' the world and save our wildlife.

Sonia Carroll

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(23 October, 2017)

900 companies from 29 countries are turning our world into a better place for our future generations. Becoming B-corporation certified means that we, the team at Adopt & Embrace, are now one of those 900 companies who are actually living the change we want to see in the world.

So who are we? We are a tech company that supports mental health education in our youth and helps plant trees to reduce the carbon impact in our world.

Last year we flew close to 180 flights as a team of only seven. A carbon imprint that we are not happy to repeat next year or any other years after that. Becoming B-corp certified has helped us track the magnitude of our, otherwise unknown, carbon imprint.

We have now ensured we have offset 100% of all carbon emissions to date, having an additional 177 native trees planted in a reforestation program in Australia and restructuring our engagement model to incorporate a substantial reduction in flights without reducing customer communication or engagement through a deeper use of software products we already use everyday for business.

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This new model, as a healthier, environmentally proactive business, has enabled us to open up conversation in not only redefining what success as business looks like but also in helping consumers identify the change makers in the world.

Being a company actively supporting Australia's biodiversity, one of only 17 'megadiverse' nations, we know that every business decision we make going forward is protecting our conservation and the 87% of our mammal species, 93% of reptiles, 94% of frogs and 45% of our bird species that are found only in Australia. We are now proudly a part of that. 

Sugar Glider at Watsons Creek Habitat Link-PhotobyChrisWhite.jpg

If you would love to know what small steps or giant leaps you can make to help improve your environmental business health, by tweaking your practices like we did,  which included adjusting our own business practises with the technoogy we already own, feel free to get in touch with us by clicking here.  

We are really proud to be leading by example and living the change we want to see in the world. We are making dynamic shifts to inspire our customers and using our business as a force for good.

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