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So... you want to join the Adopt & Embrace team?

Before we get into it -- we are honoured that you would show interest in joining our team.  Together we are building a team of practitioners here in Australia and New Zealand who are interested in helping organisations create more inclusive employee experiences... leveraging technology and changes in work practices and processes to embrace the future of work.  

We are always on the lookout for team members from diverse backgrounds to bring their unique experience to our growing business. Whilst we don't always have open headcount, we encourage you to get in touch at any time so we can start to explore how we could work together.

Here are a few of the frequently asked questions we hear from people looking to join team Adopt & Embrace:


Working at Adopt & Embrace...

  • What does a normal day look like?

    We believe that work is a thing you do, not a place you go.  So, what your normal day will look like will depend a lot on the work you are doing.  Some days it is a 5am start at the airport.  Some days it is starting at 11am after school drop off and watching the school sports carnival.

    We encourage people to work where they want to.  The space that will help them get their best work done.  Some days it means working from home.  Some days it means being on site with a customer.  Some days it means working from a coffee shop.  Some days it means working from one of our co-working spaces like Little Tokyo Two, BizDojo, or the Claisebrook Design Community.

  • What skills or experience are you looking for?

    Our first principle when it comes to people is "hire for attitude, train for skill".  Ideally if you are customer service focused, fun to hang around (you don't have to be the life of the party though), not an ass hole, comfortable with complexity and ambiguity, and most importantly curious... you will fit in really nicely.

    Assuming you pass that first test... real world experience in Organisational Change Management, Organisational Psychology, Internal Communication, Human Resources, Marketing... or specific knowledge about how organisations apply tools like Office 365 to make a difference will go a long way.

    We believe that a diverse workforce enables us to deliver even better outcomes for our customers; so we try not to hire the 'same person' twice.  Ultimately if what you bring to the table raises the tide for everyone in our team, and our customers... you are what we are looking for.

  • When do I know when there are vacancies at Adopt & Embrace?

    We don't really like to advertise.  The real reason is that we have never found the right person through a job ad.  Normally they find us and start a dialogue before we need to hire - and we get in touch when we can create the position for them.

    If you are reading this FAQ and like the sound of what we are doing... hit the big green "Let's start" button on the top right hand side of the screen and let us know a little be more about you.

    Every now and then our team will post to LinkedIn, Twitter or our Facebook page when we have more immediate needs - so make sure you like and follow us!


OK, let's talk $$$$ & time off...
  • How much do you pay? (and why do you make it public?)

    Our current salary bands range from AUD $47,000 for our Level 1 Graduates and AUD $57 000 for our Level 2 Early Career Business Analysts...  through to AUD $114,000 for our Level 6 Adoption Consultants.  All those figures are excluding Superannuation.

    On top of that every employee that does not hold stock directly or indirectly in Adopt & Embrace Pty Ltd participates in our Quarterly Bonus program, where we split 10% of the net profit for that quarter equally across the team.

    Why do we make it public?  We believe in transparency, equal pay, and showing a clear career path.

  • What is the purpose of the 'Quarterly Bonus' and how does it work?

    To reward amazing teamwork.  Our approach at Adopt & Embrace isn't to build superstars, but to build a team that can do amazing things with our customers.  We reward and recognise everyone in our team for their contribution each quarter.

    Whether you are just new to the business, or been with us from the start.  Whether it is your first job, or you are in the twilight of your career... working as a team is everyone's job.

    The bonus is "on top of" your salary.  It isn't designed as a punishment you miss out on if we don't perform as well.  It is to ensure as the success of Adopt & Embrace improves, so does your personal success. 

  • What leave can I access?

    Beyond the usual 20 days of annual leave, and 10 days of sick leave... we encourage all our team to use up to 10 days of paid time off to participate in volunteer or pro-bono activities.

    Plus we work flexibly - you need a few hours to go participate in reading groups at your kid's school?  Go for it.  Need to finish early because the electrician is coming to install something... please do!  We trust our team to work in a way that suits them and their customers.  Presenteeism does not exist at Adopt & Embrace!


 I am a student or early in my career...

  • Do you have internship opportunities / Do you have a graduate program?

    We are proud to support the QUT School of Business Work Placement program in Brisbane. To date have had the pleasure of four students joining us for work experience.

  • What can I do now to increase my chances of working at Adopt & Embrace (or similar organisations)

    Be genuinely interested in helping people.  Share your expertise online with others through LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Medium or your platform of choice.  Be Curious.


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