Our Frameworks

When we engage with our customers we leverage a number of frameworks that we have developed to help frame our conversations, and accelerate your time to value.  Here are a few of the foundations that we can use to guide you and your organisation towards success with Office 365.

The Adopt & Embrace Adoption Roadmap

There are many approaches to change management, business improvement, and technology adoption in both corporate, and academic domains.  For example:  Prosci (and their popular model for individual change – ADKAR), Kotter’s 8 Steps, Lean Change Management etc.  Each of the approaches has strengths, however each also has deficiencies that other approaches are strong at.

The Adopt & Embrace Adoption Roadmap is our solution to that challenge.  A ‘best of breed’ approach to technology adoption and change management.

Based on an academic meta-analysis of popular practitioner led and academic refined change approaches, and blended with Microsoft 365 domain expertise, the Adoption Roadmap describes the 14 different levers you have to improve the impact of Microsoft 365 in your organisation.

Visual depiction of the 14 steps of the Adopt & Embrace Adoption Roadmap

Not all of the 14 levers need to be focused on to get an outcome, however the more levers you can focus on or incrementally improve over time, the higher your likelihood of a successful adoption campaign.

We can gauge your maturity across the Adopt & Embrace Adoption Roadmap with our Pre-Strategy Workshop online assessment.

10Ps of Microsoft Teams Design

Adopt & Embrace’s 10Ps of Microsoft Teams Design guide you through the thoughts and decisions that need to be considered when creating or defining the perfect Team in Microsoft Teams.

The 10P framework is currently being used by organisations both here in Australia and around the world as part of their Teams governance and design discussions.  During our “Get five quick wins” Co-Design and Coaching engagements, we use the 10P framework to guide the development of rich use cases and exemplar stories, which can be leveraged as patterns to be used across your organisation.

The 10Ps of Microsoft Teams Design - Problem, Purpose, People, Priorities, Principles, Plugins, Permissions, Performance, Provisioning, Perishabiltiy

5Cs of Applied Digital Leadership

This framework helps leaders and their Executive Assistants to embed digital technologies and behaviours across their different work modes:

  • Creating;
  • Communicating;
  • Collaborating;
  • Coordinating; and
  • Community Engagement.

For more detailed information on the 10Ps, refer to our book “Adopt & Embrace Microsoft Teams: A manager’s guide to Communication, Collaboration, and Coordination with Microsoft Teams” (Amazon US, Amazon AU, Book Depository, Audible)