Your project outcomes are dependent on your ability to launch at scale across your organisationBring your workforce on your Office 365 journey. Have Adopt & Embrace help you execute your 12 week service adoption plan.

Amplify the impact of your entire organisation by connecting them to the technology at their fingertipsWith your service adoption plan in hand, you can now execute your Office 365 Adoption Campaign and launch at scale across your organisation


This project phase focuses on executing the agreed Service Adoption Plan developed in the previous Adopt & Embrace Adoption Blueprint steps. Specific tactics included in your Office 365 Adoption Campaign are likely to include:

  • Engagement with and coaching of executive sponsors, and champion/business influencer networks
  • Establishment of and access to learning resources
  • Execution of a communications plan that creates high level awareness across the organisation regarding the value of Microsoft Teams in their work practices (featuring the outcomes of the ‘get five quick wins’ activities)
  • Live training workshops and ‘Teams Tasters’ (delivered via Microsoft Teams) to introduce and increase knowledge of how to apply Microsoft Teams in specific organisational contexts (targeted at different knowledge levels)
  • Development of organisation specific guidance collateral
  • Teams subject matter expertise via Teams Champion Community of Practice within your organisations Microsoft Teams environment
  • 1:1 or small group coaching to reinforce learning and remove learning/understanding/confidence roadblocks to specific Teams use cases
  • Measurement, reporting, and sharing of success stories

What will we focus on during this phase?

Research from Prosci shows that employees generally prefer to hear about changes in specific work processes from their direct manager, however senior leaders have a role to play in creating the context for that to occur

As the use of Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Power Automate and other Office 365 or Power Platform technologies grow in their usage across the organisation, the awareness of your key Office 365 governance decisions will need to be communicated and understood as well

Microsoft Teams is a platform that only delivers real business value if it is embraced by your workforce outside of IT.

To sustain changes in behaviour in the long term, a community of practice, or a network of practitioners confident in applying and supporting others with Microsoft Teams across the organisation needs to be developed.

We will help you build your Office 365 or Microsoft Teams Community of Champions.  Connecting key business influencers to your overall adoption strategy, allowing them to scale your impact.

The objectives of the communications plan are to:

  • Increase the awareness of Microsoft Teams as a valuable business tool across your organisation through real world examples
  • Build momentum to encourage team members to switch from other forms of communication / collaboration / coordination (i.e. Skype, Email, File Share) and the role of Teams vs OneDrive vs other CMS’s
  • Guide the workforce to participate in the community of practice and learning; as well as take advantage of available coaching

Often team members are only just starting to explore what Microsoft Teams is, and how they could use it.  There has usually been no consistent approach to equipping team members with the right level of knowledge so they can perform their role using Teams. A tailored training and coaching approach is designed to address this, relevant to your organisation.

Beyond existing metrics available via the Microsoft 365 Adoption Dashboard, there is usually limited ability to demonstrate the business impact of Microsoft Teams.

The objective of the Measuring/Sharing Success plan is to:

DeliverableAs per Service Adoption Plan

There will be numerous outputs from tactics used during the delivery of your Office 365 Adoption Campaign. They will be documented in the agreed Office 365 Service Adoption Plan.

Beyond those deliverables, an Adoption Campaign Reflections report will be delivered, providing commentary on the adoption campaign, successes, lessons learned, and next steps

Let us guide you in the right direction

Empower your employees through training and coaching

 Develop your Learning Resources

 Communicate your message

 Share your successes

 Establish expectations


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Pricing is dependant on your individual requirements as per your Service Adoption Plan. Pricing will likely start from AUD$35,000.