Turn your Office 365 use cases into reality, and get some quick wins for your organisationPilot your prioritised business scenarios with Office 365 and turn them into real world exemplar stories

Where can you demonstrate real impact with Office 365 in your organisation?Work with some of your organisation to develop the exemplar stories you need to launch at scale


Connecting new ideas to things we are already familiar with can accelerate learning*.  Do you have a library of stories that illustrate the impact your people are already having with Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive & Planner?  One way to develop those stories is through an Office 365 Business Pilot, where you seek to capture ‘five quick wins’ for your organisation.

Guided by the Adopt & Embrace team, turn your prioritised business scenarios into real world exemplar stories.  Through a co-design and coaching process, develop confident champions and organisation specific examples to demonstrate the value your workforce can unlock with Office 365.

Armed with repeatable patterns, social proof, and a deeper engaged champion community, accelerate your momentum towards Office 365 adoption success.

*Davis et al (2014) The Science of Making Learning Stick: An Update to the AGES Model

What will we focus on to Get Five Quick Wins?

Ensure your quick win groups have the foundational knowledge they need to participate in the discussions.

A discovery session and up to four co-design workshops for each Office 365 Business Pilot (or ‘quick win’) group.  Dedicated effort to help your pilot or proof of concept candidates to develop their quick win.

Up to six hours of coaching in 1:1 or small group sessions to guide the group through embedding their co-designed solution into the way they work.

The use cases will be documented into five exemplar stories using the 10P framework that can be reused across the organisation during and after the launch of the campaign.

Understand the use cases/exemplar stories and answer any related questions.

DeliverableReflections Report

A reflections report, up to 100 slides in length, containing:

  • A compilation of the five exemplar stories from your Office 365 business pilot explaining how the participants are now using Microsoft Teams and the rest of Office 365 to deliver significant team/department/or organisation wide value. Documented using the 10P framework, these patterns can be reused across the organisation during and after the launch of the campaign.
  • A summary of recommended changes to governance and/or the campaign based on testing with the five quick win groups
Let us guide you in the right direction

Qualify the right scenarios to pilot across your organisation

Co-design solutions and develop engaged champions at the same time

Coach the participants over 4 weeks to put the solution into practice and embed behaviours

Capture the problem, solution, and outcome and prepare the story to be shared across your organisation

AUD $54,500

ex GST | Digital Delivery

1 Quick Win $14,900

3 Quick Wins $34,900

7 Quick Wins $74,500

9 Quick Wins $94,500