Are your management team and key influencers on board with your Office 365 adoption efforts?Start proactively engaging with key decision makers and stakeholders across your organisation, and with their input and guidance, develop your 12-week Office 365 adoption plan

Do you have a coalition of engaged stakeholders outside of IT?Discover what is possible, engage with your stakeholders, and build your 12-week service adoption plan to unlock specific, sustainable value for your business using the technology at their fingertips.


IT can’t tell your workforce how to do their job… but team leaders, managers, and executives across your organisation coach their team to achieve more every day.  So how are you planning to get your management team and key stakeholders on board with your Office 365 adoption efforts?

Because if you do get their support, you are up to 6x more likely to achieve your objectives.*

Guided by an Adopt & Embrace Adoption Consultant, start to build momentum within your business for unlocking value from Office 365. Identify scenarios that will deliver value quickly and build a 12-week service adoption plan to help you get there.

Whether you are new to Office 365, or have had it for years, help your workforce understand what is possible, and determine how together you will get there.  Kick start your engagement with key stakeholders, and build your Office 365 Service Adoption Plan.

*Prosci 2018 Benchmarking Data

What will we focus on during the ‘Engage with your Stakeholders’ phase

Ensure your stakeholders have the foundational knowledge they need to participate in the discussions and an understanding of what is possible with the technology.

Up to six workshops with different stakeholder groups to uncover their needs and perspectives.

Up to five further deep dive conversations with key stakeholders to further understand the business and how the Service Adoption Plan will need to be adapted to suit.

We’ll synthesise and document the workshop and discussion outcomes into the recommendations in the service adoption plan and walk you through it.

DeliverableService Adoption Plan

Up to 50 slides in length, the Service Adoption Plan will be based on the outcomes from the various group workshops and 1:1 discussions and provide guidance, based on a 12-week timescale, on:

Let us guide you in the right direction

Share with your key stakeholders what is achievable today

Listen to and capture the ideas, challenges, and opportunities shared by your workforce

Identify roadblocks or issues that may hamper success

Build your 12-week action plan to unlock specific, sustainable value for your business

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