Continue to unlock stories of success from Office 365Put in place an Office 365 Adoption Managed Service to ensure you keep pace with connecting new starters, different processes, and shifting business priorities to the evolving capability of Microsoft 365

How do you plan to unlock value from Office 365 over the long term?After you've invested in the fundamentals, make sure you address your needs for long term success

SUCCESS PROGRAMAdopt & Embrace's Office 365 Adoption Managed Service

Setting up and maintaining a technology platform is the easy bit.  Keeping pace with the 500 capabilities in development across Office 365 at any one time*, and your constantly changing business environment** is a lot harder.  If you don’t have the people and resources internally to improve the digital fluency of your workforce, then an ongoing Office 365 Adoption Managed Service may help.

Guided by the Adopt & Embrace team, continue to unlock stories of success that demonstrate the impact your workforce is making with Office 365.

With a blend of change management, training, quarterly adoption campaigns, stakeholder engagement, champions community support, coaching, and consulting, a Success Program (Adopt & Embrace‘s Office 365 Adoption Managed Service) helps you to amplify the value your workforce unlocks from Office 365.

* Microsoft 365 Roadmap

**everyone in 2020

What will we focus on during the Success Program?

Increase awareness of key behaviours and knowledge needed to be successful with the Office 365 and Power Platform tools at your fingertips – for example:

  • Creating content with OneDrive, SharePoint, and Microsoft Office;
  • Communicating and collaborating with Microsoft Teams,
  • Coordinating processes with Planner or Power Automate,
  • Engaging in your organisation wide communities with Yammer

Focused on the priorities of your organisation, a particular work practice or business process, or a specific technology or capability drawn from Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Yammer, Planner, OneNote, Power Automate and the rest of Office 365.

Build deeper skills, competence and capability over time as you draw on the expertise and experience of Adopt & Embrace’s award winning team of Office 365 Adoption Specialists and Consultants

Capture evidence in the form of exemplar stories, and repeatable Office 365 use cases or patterns from across your business that demonstrate real business impact

Let us guide you in the right direction

Induct new employees into new ways of working

Unlock more value from Office 365

Keep pace with the updates to Office 365

Continue to capture stories of success

AUD $7,900

ex GST/mth | Digital Delivery

> 1000 seats $9,900

> 3000 seats $19,900

> 7000 seats $29,900

Min. 12mth commitment