Over 90% of the project teams we surveyed could not agree on what success looks like for their technology adoption projectEstablish the foundations for your successful Office 365 Adoption
effort and get everyone on the same page with a clear strategy

Build an Office 365 adoption strategy that is specific to your organisationAgree on the problems you are trying to solve, what success looks like, and the prioritised actions you need to take to achieve your goals with Office 365


Without a clear direction in mind, it is no wonder that most of your workforce is still unaware of how they could apply Office 365 beyond the basics.

Guided by an Adopt & Embrace Adoption Consultant, bring your project team together to develop your high-level adoption strategy.

Your guiding document to help focus your future stakeholder engagement, service adoption planning, and activity, to unlock value from the technology at your fingertips.

What will we focus on during the Strategy Engagement

The purpose of the pre-workshop assessment is to gauge an understanding of the different perspectives your core team have across 14 key adoption success factors.

Delivered online via a 40 question (4 free text, 36 multiple choice) survey, this data, once analysed, forms a key agenda item for the Strategy Workshop.

Up to one day of engagement (one workshop in person / up to 4 workshops online)

The agenda will generally cover five major themes:

  1. What success looks like;
  2. Adoption capability maturity;
  3. Identification of priority use cases;
  4. Sensible default technology choices and the development of your foundation story; and
  5. Key governance considerations.

The Adopt & Embrace team will collate and synthesise the discussions from the strategy workshop into an outcomes report which will then be presented back to you with an opportunity to ask questions, make comments, or suggest revisions.

DeliverableAdoption Strategy Outcomes Report

Up to 50 slides in length, the outcomes report includes your key strategic recommendations, and:

  • The consolidated charts from the Adoption Maturity Assessment;
  • Your co-created definition of what success looks like;
  • Low hanging fruit use cases/scenarios that could leverage Office 365 capability like Microsoft Teams (incl. Meetings, and Teams Apps & Solutions), SharePoint, OneDrive, Planner, Yammer and more;
  • Your foundation story narrative;
  • Key governance considerations.
Let us guide you in the right direction

Understand where you are today

 Determine your strengths and where you need to focus effort

Agree on a clear vision of success that engages your workforce

Build your roadmap of key strategic activities

AUD $9,900

ex GST | Digital Delivery