Fewer than 25% of Frontline workers have the right tools to do their jobsReimagine how you can make a bigger impact with the technology at their fingertips

Amplify the impact of your Frontline workforce with TeamsWhether they are retail store team members, healthcare clinicians, or front line public servants


The resilience of organisations and their ability to grow in a post-COVID world is tied directly to their ability to adapt to more digital or distributed processes.  How are you reimagining how your front-line workforce engages with technology (and the rest of your organisation) to achieve real business outcomes?

Guided by an Adopt & Embrace Adoption Consultant, explore how you can apply Microsoft Teams (and relevant capability from the rest of Office 365) to help your first line or front-line workforce make an impact.

Identify and prioritise business focused first line scenarios, understand what is
possible with Microsoft 365 to overcome relevant communication and collaboration challenges, and plan to bring a first line worker scenario to life.

What will we focus on across the two days?

Understand key use case scenarios for your Frontline workforce

Discuss opportunities to streamline business processes and improve outcomes with Office 365

Develop a high-level plan for your frontline worker scenario

Understand your next steps to help you achieve your desired goals

DeliverableFirstline Worker Workshop Report and Reccomendations

A high level solution design for your prioritised Frontline Worker scenario, powered by Microsoft Teams and relevant Office 365 / Power Platform capabilities.  This includes a “Solution Plan” on a page, Success Criteria, Solution Plan, Identified Risks, and prioritised Next Steps.  10-20 slides in length

Let us guide you in the right direction

Empower your Firstline workforce

Unlock more value from Office 365

Streamline business processes

Plan for your first Frontline scenario

AUD $5,900

ex GST | Digital Delivery
Up to two days contact time

Your organisation may be eligible for this workshop to be funded 100% by Microsoft

Funding qualification (> 3500 first line employees) and availability is subject to change.  Lets have a chat to see if you qualify.