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Office 365 Use Case:

Improving the coordination overhead on government briefings and contentious issues

As someone in...

…the Executive support role to the Director General of our department

One of my responsibilities is to coordinate briefings and contentious issues – a big part of this is engaging across departments to collate information quickly via information requests and intel that will make up a more informed briefing/dealing with a contentious issue.

I'm faced with...

…the gathering process for briefings and issues is too slow and ineffective at giving me what I need

Information requests for briefings are cascaded throughout the organisation via email, resulting in significant coordination overhead​. Information is handled and coordinated by multiple parties along the way as it cascades down, then back up the org chart.

I want to...

...have a way to ascertain the information I need without the coordination overhead

Create a single place where all briefing or contentious issue information can be centrally collated​ and accelerate the response back to Ministerial when required.


…Team channels

We would have a space for the Governor’s report, a regional visit space for items relevant to a Ministerial/Premier visit to a state region, and a ​country visit​ space for items relevant to a Ministerial/Premier visit to another country. I would then post my request in a channel using a subject heading and @mention the whole Team to please engage with the request. All the replies and discussion will take place in a central location where the heavy lifting of coordinating is done by this new process and technology.

I'll know this is
successful when...

…coordinating the briefing/contentious issues process is more effective and gives me some time back

  • Significant reduction of email-based communication to collate briefings​
  • Faster responses to ministerial briefing requests

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