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Office 365 Use Case:

The Paper-lite Executive Assistant

As someone in... Executive Assistant role for a minister of local government

One of my accountabilities is ensuring the minister has all the relevant content he needs every morning to prepare for his day of meetings.

I'm faced with...

… a very manual and cumbersome process each morning to prepare the minister with his materials

I print out his schedule, briefs to read, and documents for the minister to review for his daily meetings – it is handed to him in a manila folder. Then I have to photocopy the marked-up documents and send them back to the document creators for review, and then update the minister on the progress. When he asks to re-look at something I have to trawl through my email to find it which is time consuming and frustrating.

I want to...

…create a streamlined way to prepare him for his day.

I want him to have all his briefings through the quarter in an always accessible browsable digital notebook – additionally, this makes looking back at the past very quick to find what we need and what we did.



To organise daily briefings (using sections) and materials for the minister where he can use ink to mark-up ‘file print-outs’ in OneNote pages. The notebook is to have a Tab in the Team channel where we would use the conversations feed to communicate and share updates/progress – using subject headings in posts to distinguish the date or file we are referring to.

I'll know this is
successful when...

...we feel less frustrated and confused of where things are and where they are at

My printing footprint reduces, and I get time back in my day.

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