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Office 365 Use Case:

A leadership hub to manage clinics in a region

As someone in...

…a Regional Manager role

I am accountable for staff engagement, profitability, safety, productivity, patient experiences, and customer growth and loyalty.

I'm faced with...

...low visibility with weekly progress of middle management

I’m too re-active in chasing status – I sift through 100+ emails a day – currently I must remember who sent an email so that I can find what I’m after. I’m having conversations with one manager that should be visible to others, and then find myself repeating the same information…often some manager’s say they missed out, and for me it’s not good if a manager is not in the loop

I want to...

…improve the frequency and visibility of communication with my direct reports

I want us to be more aware of progress between meetings – by having one place for leadership/management to communicate, align, and share progress. For our work to be organised by topic so I can find something quickly. A visible place will give confidence no-one is missing out and reduce the need of repeating the same information.


…Teams, OneNote, Planner

Creating a Team for regional management with various channels for each topic (Staffing, Rostering, Equipment, Clinic performance, Marketing, Billing, Projects, Health & Safety), OneNote for minutes, and Planner to track tasks.

I'll know this is
successful when...

We can make speedier decisions as it will be more visible to find information that has already been discussed about a topic, and progress.

We’ll improve our currency and situational awareness to ensure there is more member cohesiveness and interactions around our end goals and team activities.

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