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Office 365 Use Case:

Feedback on Electronic Referral Delivery System

As someone in...

…the Sales team lead role

I’m accountable for both the delivery and adoption of our customer facing systems.

I'm faced with...

…low insight of the impact of our customer facing systems

Our new Electronic referral system is out in production and it’s super important from a customer experience perspective that we are catching all the feedback that we need to improve the service – currently, it’s scattered in emails and at a glance I can’t really see how we are doing or if I have all the information I need to make decisions.

I want to...

…have a central spot to gather feedback on the usage of our new system

IT receive technical queries and Sales reps receive feedback from referrers and this needs to be consolidated to make sure we catch everything in a bucket – and also to ensure that IT and Sales reps are aligned with mutual queries and progress.


…Microsoft Team/Channels and Files

Create a Team with channels (Feedback to dev team, Customer stories, Collateral improvement, Updates, General questions, etc).

I'll know this is
successful when...

...from all our data we are able to reveal visible patterns from repeat suggestions and similar experiences – to prioritise improvements.

Reduced cases of misalignment between IT and Sales rep when dealing with the same customer enquiries.

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