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Office 365 Use Case:

Manage regional daily operations for frontline medical reps

As someone in...

…a regional manager role for multiple medical clinics

I’m responsible for my sales reps in the field to have the local knowledge they need for us to operate effectively as a team and unit.

I'm faced with...

…the frustration from a messy and scattered approach in supporting my team

At the moment we are using private chat, email, text to communicate about fast and informal daily operations. It’s confusing and frustrating using multiple tools, and because it’s private not all messages are visible to everyone – so there’s lots of repeating communications or simply missing out. There’s no structure to all this – it’s hard to discover things again, and new hires have no discovery.

I want to...

…equip my sales reps with quick access to the information they need to do their job

As a regional manager I want my sales reps to be in the know of quick and fast operational updates and information they need as they are out in the field. I want this to happen in one visible place where no-one misses out on information.


…Team channels, Files

Create a Team with channels (Manager updates, questions about referrers, Billing, Clinic openings, Competitors, etc) – a big focus on using channel chat and files. Note – for subject matter advice the global community of practice is preferred to get answers and discover knowledge on modalities such as MRI’s, X-rays, etc

I'll know this is
successful when...

...our daily conversations shift from many tools to one spot - and are easily discoverable

We feel confident in having the information and support we need for the day to make those empowered decisions and offer great service.

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