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Office 365 Use Case:

Better manage operations across multiple clinics

As someone in...

...a Regional Manager role

I’m accountable for the operations of multiple clinics or health practices in my region.  I have responsibility for our service strategy, and the competency and engagement of our staff to deliver to and serve our customers.

I'm faced with...

...not keeping on top of our accountabilities

We lack a way of documenting our communication and subsequent action items for each clinic.  This results in a lack of transparency and accountability for the clinic leadership team.  We have time costs in getting people up to speed, time costs in assigning and chasing people, repeating the same information etc.

I want to...

...improve communication and increase accountability amongst the clinic leadership team

I’d like to see one source of truth where we document our meetings, post updates, do our tasks – the kind of visibility that will keep us informed and not let things fall by the wayside.  As a leader at a glance I would like to easily inform myself of daily operations (and share updates/questions).


...Microsoft Teams (Channels and Files), OneNote, and Planner

Creating a Team for each clinic with channels dedicated to staffing, equipment, finance, and marketing.  Documenting our meeting notes, sharing files like rosters and marketing collateral, and keeping track of our progress.

I'll know this is
successful when...

...we improve the perceived transparency and accountability of how we manage clinics

We have improved situational awareness and greater visibility into who is doing what, are better aligned, and are making positive progress.

This should also result in a reduction of our internal email, reducing inbox overwhelm for the team.

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