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Office 365 Use Case:

A national retailer connecting leadership to the frontline

As someone in...

…a People and Culture leadership position

We have gone through a major growth spurt that resulted in opening many new stores. With growth has come lots of process changes, which is now a driver to think about a better way to communicate with our staff – to keep them updated and for them to feel involved.

I'm faced with...

…staff receiving our communications are not always clear about what we are trying to achieve

Our business focus has shifted to customer experience, but we are finding it difficult to instil our new mission/values in our staff. We need to communicate simultaneously with teams across the country but we are relying on emails, newsletters and cascading information from senior leaders to managers and the frontline. Often the message is being diluted and not cutting through.

I want to...

...innovate the way we talk to each other, so our staff realise the true value of what we are trying to do

Our teams feel out of the loop – I see an opportunity to get our people more involved and improve decision making. We want to give our people a voice, to tell us what they know and think, to give input and feedback – to support them in feeling their contributions are welcome and that they belong to something. I feel this approach will keep all staff in the loop and in touch with each other to unite as a culture living the same mission and values.


…Yammer to connect our leadership with our staff

I’d like to see our CEO talking top of mind, asking for input, and showing his personal side (CEO’s are people too) – we’d also like for him to be interested in what others are doing on the platform. This also goes for all of our leaders – we want them to reduce the ‘us and them’ gap, increase the transparency and build a relationship with their staff to feel they belong.

I'll know this is
successful when...

…we are delivering on our customer experience imperative by keeping staff more effectively informed, involved and engaged

Our annual engagement survey will measure if Yammer is contributing to feeling more valued at our organisation.

An early indicator will be evidence of leadership walking the walk and the quantity and quality of conversations in the replies to posts from a diverse set of staff.

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