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Office 365 Use Case:

Multiple parties collaborating on effort estimations

As someone in...

…a Release Manager role

We work in software development in the finance sector – releasing a new version of our software every quarter. Whilst we are developing a release, we take requirement submissions from multiple customer projects happening at the time, as well as requests from past customer projects that didn’t make previous releases.

I'm faced with...

…a challenge in managing the numerous conversations about effort estimation

It’s frustrating tracking email conversations with Product Development and Quality Assurance about effort estimation. Often, I refer back to them and am never sure if I am across every conversation (it’s also a time-consuming process). At any time, I would like to locate the conversation and within a minute be aware of our status.

I want to...

…streamline my effort estimate conversations with our development team

A consolidated and visible way to have conversations with Product Development and Quality Assurance about effort estimations before the start of the technical design milestone.


…Teams, Files

Creating a channel in a Release Management Team for each release called ‘Release Scope’ where I can converse with Product Development and Quality Assurance about scope and estimations. And also access the one source of truth document with the latest agreed estimations.

I'll know this is
successful when...

When it takes under 1 min to retrieve the latest conversation about effort estimates

When I go from the usual 70 to zero emails about this phase of our release – and less meetings. We also reduce occurrences of revisiting effort estimations after already starting the technical design.

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