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Office 365 Use Case:

Streamlining the onboarding process to take on more growth

As someone in...

…a six person HR Team, supporting 17 branches of a Real Estate franchise

A big process for us is onboarding/offboarding staff across 17 branches – due to being one of our major work processes, any efficiencies in this process would benefit us immensely

I'm faced with...

…a situation where we are about to grow by 40% in the next six months, and have been informed we need to support this growth without hiring new HR staff

Basically, how do we do more with the same staff numbers – and quite frankly we feel we need to be more efficient in our processes even without this pending growth. Managers from branches are continuously ringing us for updates to the onboarding of their staff. And this is compounded when one of our staff are away, making it hard for other HR staff to weave a picture of what’s going on.

I want to...

...improve the operational efficiency of our HR processes, starting with onboarding

We need to work in a more visible way as a HR team, that way we can all self-serve awareness of the progress of things across various cases. Regardless of who is managing a particular case, we would like any of our staff to take over and proceed in an informed way. Coupled with this we’d like to give branch managers access to our onboarding progress so they can self-serve awareness, rather than continuously ring and email us – this would be a win-win for all of us.


...Teams channels and a task manager

We’d like a Microsoft Team for each branch that HR and the manager of that branch would have access to. Within each branch Team would be organised spaces for conversations and files for Employee Agreement status, Exiting employees, New employees, Recruitment, etc. We would start with a New employees channel where we’d have a ‘plan on a card’ for each new employee containing the 30+ tasks needed to onboard them. The HR Team and the branch manager at any time can visit to read, update, and have a chat around these plans – if everything about an employee is in the context, then it makes everything so findable and easy to follow-up where someone else left off.

I'll know this is
successful when...

…operational efficiencies have enabled us to support 40% growth without increasing overheads

  • HR staff have the situational awareness to answer a query about a new staff member within minutes and not hours
  • Branch managers are empowered to have access to information to answer their own queries.

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