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Office 365 Use Case:

Plan and execute a significant virtual event

As someone in...

…Strategy and Policy

Along with our day-to-day roles once a year we plan and manage a significant event. This is a highly visible event and has a large stakeholder group involved in the planning and execution of it.

I'm faced with...

…pivoting to a virtual event from our usual in-person event

Every year, we run a conference which is a combination of board meetings and has grown into 400 attendees across Australia, and regulatory colleagues from New Zealand, and international keynote speakers which was usually held in Melbourne, face to face. But with continuing border closures, social distancing measures, and other challenges – this now needs to be a virtual event.

I want to...

…plan and execute a virtual event

Not pretend to create the exact same thing (we can’t) — but let’s try to get the same outcomes in a different way. Reconceptualise it as a festival of linked events across a week. Need to make it available to external people and be able to collaborate on documents and help transition to asynchronous working. We also have the potential to highlight capabilities of Teams not regularly used in day-to-day communication and collaboration – for example webinars, broadcasts, large meeting facilitation, breakout rooms, multi camera / graphical overlays etc.


…Microsoft Teams and supporting Microsoft 365 capability

Having a central location where we can have all our conversations, documents, registrations, agendas, notes and videos. Making use of channels for event themes, topics, days… A place where our UK advisor can work with us, and we don’t have to stay up until 7pm to talk to him.

I'll know this is
successful when...

…there’s visibility and alignment to all aspects of the event, as well as high engagement feedback from our stakeholders

  • all relevant parties have visibility on the communication and assets
  • all relevant parties are clear about each member’s roles and responsibilities
  • High levels of engagement, happy people

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