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Office 365 Use Case:

More effective cross-functional awareness

As someone in...

…the Strategic Account Management Team

We are the bridge between the sales team, a team of account managers and the customer team. When we put a plan in place, we need to stay organised while ensuring that no projects, customers, or clients are neglected.

I'm faced with...

…too much noise and not enough situational awareness

Tracking multiple projects across email can be clunky, as well as attending multiple virtual meetings that fill my calendar where an update is required. The challenge of keeping my team focused on strategy & agreed KPIs.

I want to...

…have more cross-functional visibility so I can self-serve tracking progress rather than another meeting or email

Be able to setup project spaces and be able to track progress (without having to attend so many status update type meetings). Collaborate on shared files seamlessly and efficiently. Have a one stop shop for improving efficiency with how we engage/communicate across the BU, how we drive performance through timely reporting of progress/KPIs, how we plan for key events/strategy needs to reduce meeting and email churn.


…Teams, Channel conversations, Files, Planner

A shared file storage and sharing platform. Project tracking functionality on Teams. Microsoft Teams will help as a one stop shop to create a common platform to engage effectively, be timelier and create better solutions together.

I'll know this is
successful when...

…I can focus on my KPI’s, rather than wasting time chasing around for updates

  • More posting asynchronous updates, so others can be in the loop without needing a meeting
  • The visibility of a completed group task list gives a sense of achievement looking back at all the things we have completed

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