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Office 365 Use Case:

Managing requirements from multiple parties

As someone in...

…a Release Manager role

We work in software development in the finance sector – releasing a new version of our software every quarter. Whilst we are developing a release, we take requirement submissions from multiple customer projects happening at the time, as well as requests from past customer projects that didn’t make previous releases.

I'm faced with...

…a challenge in managing the numerous requirement submissions I receive from multiple parties

When managing a new release, we receive input via our internal analysts (each representing requirements of their customer). This involves a myriad of conversations and document review with multiple analysts. It’s hard to make sense of it all when it’s a scattered mess across my email box. Usually, it gets too confusing, and we need a meeting to just make sense of it all.

I want to...

…streamline my business analysis conversations with our customer project analysts

In order to manage this better I need the process to be organised better. If each submission had a one source of truth document and conversation thread, then I could easily keep up and look back at the history of each submission.


…Team channels, Files, Lists

Given each customer project has a Team, I would like to be part of the ‘Analysis’ channel in each Team where I can have these conversations and review. This way if I’m dealing with conversations across 7 customer requirements, I can easily find and access those conversations where they belong. To manage this process, I will also use a Microsoft List in my Release Management Team that is a list of shortcut links to each requirements file.

I'll know this is
successful when...

...I save time and have confidence in the data

When it takes under 1 min to retrieve and have confidence, I’m looking at the latest version of a customer analysis file – and with the confidence that I’m not missing any stray conversations.

When I go from the usual 70 to zero emails about this phase of our release – and less meetings

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