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Office 365 Use Case:

A national retailer connecting silos to buy what sells

As someone in...

…the buying role for a national retailer

I’m responsible for procuring product that is affordable, meets our quality criteria and is what our customers want.

I'm faced with...

…not having enough first-hand knowledge and experience with our customers to align with them

I’m always travelling in Asia buying product – my purchasing decisions are data driven, and what we thinks ‘in’ right now. But sometimes we can miss the mark, whether it’s the price point, quality, colour, etc.

I want to... in touch with the customer experience rather than just relying on data

Our sales team are on the floor everyday as part of the customer experience. They all have immense knowledge of customer buying behaviour and we need to tap into this to get that extra input in order to make better purchasing decisions.


…Yammer to connect the buying team with our salespeople

A Yammer community where I can share photos and videos of my visits to factories and warehouses to engage our sales staff in where our product comes from. Our salespeople can then give input and feedback into my purchasing decisions so we can make the best-informed decisions we can. They will subsequently be invested to sell our products as they feel they contributed to our curation of what we sell.

I'll know this is
successful when...

…our salespeople can influence our decision making through their endorsement and by reinforcing what our customers want

An indicator of this will be conversations generated in the number of replies to my posts. We can also survey our sales staff to ask if they feel more engaged in selling our product due to taking part in the buying process.

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