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Office 365 Use Case:

Gathering customer requirements remotely

As someone in...

…a Business Analyst role

I’m responsible in understanding what the customer is trying to achieve and problems they are trying to solve. Once I have gathered requirements, I share them with the project team to assess.

I'm faced with...

…reduced engagement with the customer, and not having clarity on all requirements

Currently my use of private video meetings, emails and attachments is resulting in reduced client engagement and misunderstandings. Our work history is scattered across past calendar items and past emails – we need a more consolidated approach. Our current approach has a chain effect of analysis gaps and delays in subsequent phases.

I want to...

…use various remote tools for a more engaging experience, and ensure an open line to communicate

I need to be able to perform customer analysis remotely whilst maintaining the same quality of interactions/communications I do when on-site. I need an equivalent digital space to identify with our purpose – that is always-on for calls and asynchronous conversations.


…Teams, Channel conversations, Planner, Files

Invite the customer as a guest to a Team. Here we will have Channel video meetings (where we record video, whiteboard processes, take notes in OneNote and actions in Planner), always on conversations in the channel and streamlined document review and conversations.

I'll know this is
successful when...

…we have less delays and analysis gaps

We have reduced spec changes and delays during coding as now we are more clear in detecting issues in the analysis phase.

Effort is less consumed by re-analysis, providing enough hours for design and coding.

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