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Office 365 Use Case:

Improving alignment between the executive committee and brand leadership

As someone in...

…Marketing and Sales

I’m in a large team that consists mostly of external stakeholders with multiple channels of communication – overlapping sources of information and meetings.

I'm faced with...

…not having enough visibility from the executive committee in order to align my team

Trying to get my whole team completely aligned. I’m faced with the challenge of drawing complete visibility (to share with my team) on decisions made by the executive committee on their brands specific to projects.

I want to...

…see more transparency and aligned messaging from the executive committee

Build efficiencies and reduce wasted time/ reduce meetings and have a single source of truth. Decisions, changes and reasons for change to be a visible process with the inclusion of the right people in the team, who have accountability to drive change in the brands.


…a Team to communicate across projects/brands

A Team where the executive committee share strategy/changes/feedback across projects/brands with brand leadership, and brand leadership update progress on their work at hand to the executive committee.

I'll know this is
successful when...

…team members feel confident on the decisions made at the different levels and can support the change and implement on the new strategy

  • Everyone is on board and completely comfortable with it

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