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Office 365 Use Case:

Improving Cabin crew priority messaging and two-way communications

As someone in...

…Cabin crew for an airline

One of my roles is to make sure I’m up to date with what I need to know before I get on my next flight. If I turn up to a flight uninformed, it’s ‘on me’, as all the information I need to know is sent to me to read in time to prep for the next flight.

I'm faced with...

…difficulty in prioritising what I need to know before my next flight in the barrage of information fired at me

When I get off a flight, I don’t have a great deal of time before I get on the next flight. There’s much to do in this period including getting up to speed to prep for the flight. The issue is there are too many emails about various topics and it’s frustrating to find what I need to read right now and what can wait till later – what also happens is that some of us use other messaging apps so we can ask each other questions and make sense of things, which is helpful, but it is also making this process splintered and scattered.

I want to...

...quickly find and read what’s priority for my context, and easily ask questions or get clarifications on the spot

It’s hard to read everything, I want to prioritise what to read after operational notices and know what’s coming & when. We also want a better way of delivering & opening the lines of communications for our cabin crew, so it’s not just one-way communication.


…Teams channels to organise the communication topics

We want to move from one email inbox containing communications across a myriad of topics to a shared space where every communication topic has its own channel. In between flights I can quickly access the operational notices channel, and then other channels that are important to read before a flight. We can also reply to ask questions and get clarifications or even make our own posts in some channels.

I'll know this is
successful when...

…I can quickly and easily be informed and confident that I have the information I need before my next flight

By way of survey, we can measure the reduction in frustration of keeping in the loop, and also the level of engagement in making sense of things due to a shift to two-way communication.

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