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Office 365 Use Case:

Making status meetings redundant for an airport team

As someone in...

…the role of General Manager of Parking and Transportation Services for an Australian airport

It’s my responsibility to communicate to my team across a 2,700 hectare airport campus, on their tasks at hand, receive status updates, and help them progress to their outcomes.

I'm faced with...

…too many status update meetings to understand the progress of things

I’m focused on my inbox all day – trying to track everything my team is doing, where they are up to, helping them out. Doing this in one mixed email inbox is very challenging – most of the time we need to hold a meeting to work out what’s going on.

I want to...

...self-service situational awareness rather than the need for yet another meeting

Meetings to be less about status updates, and more about problem solving. For me to be able to visit an online place where I can see the status of a task and also the conversations about its current daily progress. This will give me more time to coach my team rather than spending all my time just trying to know what’s going on.


...Teams channels and Planner

We would like to use purpose-based spaces for our various projects so everything we need to know about a project, initiative or program is in its own place (all conversations, tasks and files). We need to see our list of tasks, assign people and give due dates as well as get them to check their progress – this ensures I have the most current information, and accountabilities don’t fall through the cracks.

I'll know this is
successful when...

…I’m no longer focused on my inbox all the time, and when status meetings eventually become redundant

An indicator of this will be less emails, text messages, phone calls to ask about progress as I will be able to self-serve this information myself.

Another indicator will be when I’m not looking for and forwarding multiple emails to a new starter as the full history of information is available to them in our shared space.

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