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Office 365 Use Case:

More effective collaboration with external parties

As someone in...

…Sales and Marketing support role

I am in charge of ensuring our external project teams have a place to work asynchronously to engage and share information as well as make decisions in particular documents, rather than always having to have a meeting.

I'm faced with...

…frustration with our current collaboration process with our external parties

Challenges around sharing files with external parties as we have certain restrictions. And trying to keep up to date with multiple, concurrent conversations is difficult. Trying to get my whole team completely aligned is equally difficult.

I want to...

…have consistency with how our projects collaborate with external parties

Ensure our team have the correct mediums in place (Standard set up across all projects). This will enable everyone to know where to look and what to be using. Be able to get up to speed quickly with each conversation topic without having to trawl through multiple emails & documents.


…Teams for each project to invite external parties

Projects spaces so the Brand leads can understand clear communication from external parties without always requiring a meeting. A Team to actively capture progress of execution and highlight gaps.

I'll know this is
successful when...

…working with external parties is a fluid as working internally with my colleagues using Teams

  • The team has more time and energy to focus on what they set out to achieve in their work day.
  • Free up weekly WIP meetings
  • More decisions made more quickly
  • More flexible working, work around different hours
  • I can jump into a topic and get the complete picture of the conversation and be up to date

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