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Office 365 Use Case:

Onboarding customer service new starters

As someone in...

…Customer service

We are the face of the company.  With new members joining the team on a semi-regular basis, ensuring that new starters can quickly access key process information, support from their peers, and coaching from team leaders when required is a key component of successful onboarding.

I'm faced with...

…high staff turnover

With the complexities of distributed work due to COVID, ensuring new starters are successfully onboarded is even more critical to increase staff retention and reduce turnover within the first few months of employment.

I want to...

…structure the new starters learning experience so they feel supported

Help embed key teamwork, communication, collaboration, and coordination behaviours from the start of the team members employment, resulting in increased awareness and competency. I need them to be able to access information quickly, be supported by the team leads and coaches, and others to know where they are up to in their training. These improvements will eliminate our issue of the training coordinator being the single point of failure and be at ease to take holiday leave.


…Teams, Channels, Files, OneNote, Planner, Power Automate

I need to create a one stop shop where the inductees have a place to talk amongst themselves and to their Team Leads and coaches. A single place where the knowledge is kept and easily updated (Channels/Files/OneNote) – and be able to track their progress through their training (Planner). I want automated emails (Power Automate) to be sent so I don’t have to waste time in sending the templated emails.

I'll know this is
successful when...

…there’s better retention rates of new staff due to an improved inductee user experience

  • Inductees have the information they need to learn and become proficient in their tasks
  • A single place where everyone knows where to go to get the information or support
  • More engaging – Quizzes, Knowledge base, chat
  • Less time spent on sending templated emails

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