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Office 365 Use Case:

Preparing the committee meeting papers

As someone in...

…Finance and Risk

Every quarter the Finance and Risk team coordinates committee meetings that involve numerous stakeholders and a significant number of papers. There are set deadlines and in the last few days before these deadlines we deal with a lot of updates and changes to the papers that increase our workload dramatically.

I'm faced with...

…confusion and frustration in finding and making sense of our content

With papers and communication currently shared via email, and stored in shared drives, there is an opportunity to streamline and centralise the preparation process.  There is also an opportunity to improve the committee meeting experience.

I want to...

…centralise the collation of the papers and have a consistent process that the CEO can use

We need to shift away from multiple emails (attachments) and Shared Drive, to Teams – have all our papers in one spot, until the final. CFO approves the pack and then the CEO updates them – we need to be able to understand what status they are at and who has them.


…SharePoint document library (which we already have)

Set alerts and have pre-set “views” (that include status/progress columns), so we know the status of a paper rather than ravaging through my email. I need one version of the document as this will save me days of work continually adding updates. This change needs to be embedded into our existing processes.

I'll know this is
successful when...

…all of us share the coordinating process of committee meeting papers in a streamlined approach

  • I can look at one location to understand what we are working on and the current state.
  • I won’t need to look at different spreadsheets, emails to see where we are at
  • One version of the document (preventing mishaps)
  • Pack is ready and uploaded into meeting folder before the due date

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