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Office 365 Use Case:

Streamlining marketing campaign deliverables

As someone in...

…a Sales and Marketing support role for a business unit

We deal with multiple stakeholders internally and externally as we build and implement marketing campaigns. From proposal to deliverables for the product – we interact with documents, images, plans and people.

I'm faced with...

…too many options to communicate, not agreeing on which is the best way

We have too many ways of communicating with the team – Skype, email, Teams, SMS, SharePoint, Box, etc. Everyone is expecting an answer within minutes, and if there’s no response, another communication is sent to follow up.  Additionally, sometimes our staff are often not using the right packages/content. All of this results in me being overwhelmed most days.

I want to...

…streamline processes and have a consistent approach

Align and streamline processes, operating rules to have consistency across teams and the multiple stakeholders we deal with. Ideas, collaboration and solving problems should just happen seamlessly. I can see how Microsoft Teams will help with this.


…Teams and SharePoint

Microsoft Teams and SharePoint for all internal collaboration. Emails for external if they are not part of my Team. Stop using Box, start using Teams.

I'll know this is
successful when...

…we have a consistent approach and time is reduced in finding information and answers

  • Everyone is using the same platform
  • The only emails I am receiving are from outside the company (or are global communications)
  • Version control is allowing the team to feel confident in creating resources
  • Increased functionality of what we can use

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