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Office 365 Use Case:

Aligning and improving a Student Services process

As someone in...

…the Team lead role in one of our many University Student Services Offices

One of my accountabilities is in assessing situations and providing a fair course of action that caters to given circumstances of a student and falls within the policies of the university. Often these are very tender situations e.g. a student did not turn up to their exam for their given reason, so we need to assess each situation carefully and with respect.

I'm faced with...

…not having access to the information I need to make the right decision

For our “special consideration” process we have trouble locating the correct documentation and resort to searching through our inbox and stitching together email conversations to understand how we approach specific situations, all whilst the student is waiting for us to make a decision.

I want to...

…have a more connected way to reach out to colleagues and content to support my decision-making on student requests.

A conversational knowledge base to share experiences and case stories. A single place to produce, discuss and update documentation in relation to the “special consideration” process. This way we all have access to a bigger library of principles, practices and stories to help support our decision-making.


…Microsoft Teams/Channels and Files

Create a Team to share updates and questions and collaborate on Files. Channels for Procedures, Principles, and Case stories. In this way all our meeting discussions and channel discussion are easily accessible and also fed back into our content so it’s always up-to-date. At the moment meeting outcomes are not fed back into a central topic place. At any one-time involved staff are not aware of recent developments and updates, and often results in decisions made without the valuable input of others.

I'll know this is
successful when...

Special consideration cases are assessed fairly and in a timely manner with input and information sharing between the required parties.

By means of survey we aim to measure

  • Team leads are leveraging a better quality of advice from peers and learning from each others case stories to give more confidence in the decisions they make
  • A more informed and aligned student service – enabled for speedier decision making

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