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Office 365 Use Case:

Creating opportunities for students to connect virtually

As someone in...

…Teaching and learning leadership

Working directly with teaching staff to support technology enhanced learning.

I'm faced with...

…students who are looking for more options to meet outside class

Students feel that they are not leveraging the opportunity to connect with like-minded others to form their own network practice/interest groups. Some know of others with the same or similar interests but are frustrated that they can’t easily capitalise on this by forming relationships online to further their knowledge and engage with others.

I want to... facilitate peer interaction, student collaboration and engagement

This has been highlighted as an area for improvement for remote learning and it will be increasingly even more important with dual delivery teaching moving forward.



Chat in Teams will enable students to form self-help groups so they can meet and chat without having to share their contact details beyond the group. If they would like to officiate their private chat groups into a shared member space with full-functionality and visibility, they can then request a Team.

I'll know this is
successful when...

…students can better connect and engage with each other

  • no matter which delivery mode of learning they are in (remote or face to face)

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