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Office 365 Use Case:

Building a Student Services Office knowledge trust

As someone in...

…the Team lead role in a University Student Services Office

I’m accountable in servicing and managing the needs and requirements of the students in our discipline. Our team relies on timely knowledge to do their job effectively – new information is constantly incoming from other organizational units, and new experiences are being had by the team with their customers. Both these streams of knowledge need to be on each team members radar to help them be as current as possible when serving their customers.

I'm faced with...

…many of my staff not having the information they require to take needed action

Most of our content is buried in emails or if you weren’t on the email or in the room when it was discussed you may not know it exists. We also miss new information as the Team lead may forget to forward emails. This results in a staff member chasing others for information they have not been privy to based on mismanaging our information, which wastes time for both our staff and the students they are servicing.

I want to...

…have a better way to channel new information so it’s accessible to my staff

Most new information comes to us in emails, and we need to document this information and post it as an update in a central and accessible space. When new emails arrive about the same topic, we then need to make updates to the document and notify staff with an update. The aim is for email to not be the content repository. Ultimately, staff are not missing out on information as they can visit the topic space to find the latest and act on that confidentially.


…Microsoft Teams and Files

A Team where we can take content from emails and put it into living documents, using the replies and notifications. This is a better way to share information and updates with each other as it comes across our desks – so we have the knowledge to respond to enquires and do our jobs in a timely way. Channels for: Changes about academic staff, changes in course structure and advice, pre-requisites, etc.

I'll know this is
successful when...

...knowledge is readily available for frontline to quickly access and act with autonomy

Likely seen by a reduction in staff behaviours of asking and emailing each other for updates. There is subsequently an increase in posting updates in the Team.

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