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Office 365 Use Case:

Preparing students with work-ready collaboration skills

As someone in...

…Teaching and learning leadership

Working directly with teaching staff to support technology enhanced learning.

I'm faced with...

…levelling up our student collaboration capabilities by enabling them with work-ready skills

My accountabilities align with our university strategic priorities of developing future-ready students which includes the technical skills to connect and collaborate online. We intend for our students to enter the workforce with the skills required to effectively collaborate and productively perform in a team.

I want to...

...enable and coach students to engage with technology in workforce type use cases

Suggest ways technology tools can be used for industry focused subjects (eg. internships and project-based learning subjects). I want the students to not only have the technology skills, but to be able to play a role in the group dynamics of planning, creating, tracking tasks, etc.



Teams can be used for an authentic learning experience – ie. tools used in the workforce to model work-applicable skills and interaction with industry partners (eg. one place for managing /modelling project coordination – chat, files, collaboration).

I'll know this is
successful when...

…students gain skills relevant to modern workplace environments

  • through authentic assessments and have the tech tools to enable this.
  • Industry partners can collaborate with students (there’s a virtual space to enable this).

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