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Office 365 Use Case:

Streamline the way we co-create classroom materials

As someone in...

…STEM Faculty

We are accountable for educating and improving the skills of our students across the subjects we teach.

I'm faced with...

…confusion and frustration in the drafting and publishing of a document for official use

Staff make edits to documents saved on their local drives, desktop, emails etc. as multiple versions out of fear of ‘losing’ their work and sending the documents back and forth via email. This creates risk and lots of confusion as it is difficult to keep track of the changes and nominate the ‘Final’ version of the document for publishing.

I want to...

…eliminate the risk and confusion of multiple versions of files and access them from an official spot

Collaborate and co-create meaningful lessons / examinations / educational reference documents in real-time with other members of the Faculty, without the risk and confusion of multiple versions floating around in email and be sure it is the correct and most recent file.


…OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, Channels, Files

I would like to see an official shared space that is owned by all the members and is easily accessible at any time. Here we can work on our file set together in Teams with only one copy of each file which we continuously edit with a retrievable version history when we need it (no more attachments, no more email as a file storage tool). Also giving the option for draft files to be made in OneDrive and then moved to Teams when ready for review.

I'll know this is
successful when...

…we have a sense of shared ownership and confidence in accessing and using our materials

I stop receiving multiple ‘versions’ of edited documents via email (titles ‘draft’ ‘final’ ‘final final’ etc.); When I need a file, it takes me under a minute to access it, and gives me confidence I’m always looking at the most recent version

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