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Office 365 Use Case:

Remote Training delivery and platform

As someone in...

…a training role

We fall under the Digital Learning & Development unit and really need to step-up and be a role-model for our teachers and staff by delivering our own programs digitally.

I'm faced with...

…not knowing the best way to go about coordinating and training our staff remotely

Now teaching/working from home is a common scenario, we find ourselves not equipped to train our staff on the skills they need both in digital delivery and other aspects of their learning and development.

I want to...

…run remote training for all staff/faculties across the college and provide self-serve content

Now that many of us work from home we need to provision for this circumstance. I need to host webinars, upload a gallery of videos, and provide an interface such as a website to access the content.


…Teams meetings (registration), Stream, Yammer, Files, SharePoint

I’d like to post a webinar link on a SharePoint page and for participants to register from that link.

I would deliver the session using a Teams video meeting, download the attendance list to track who has done the training, record the meeting, make how-to guides using our Teams files, create a Yammer training group for participants to ask questions and stay updated, and create a SharePoint landing page where we would include an embed of the Yammer group, How-to Files, Stream videos.

I'll know this is
successful when...

Teaching staff are attending, and finding value, in the sessions and have access to the supporting material at a time and location that suits their needs.

We will measure attendance to video meetings, and that training videos are watched on a broad basis.

We are meeting our KPI’s of training and upskilling staff.

Survey questions will directly ask if the digital delivery was clear in transferring knowledge and giving staff the skills and confidence to apply what they learnt.

We will also ask a survey question to get feedback on the user experience of our program that begins on the SharePoint landing page.

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