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Office 365 Use Case:

Establish a Teaching Community of Practice

As someone in...

Teaching and Learning leadership

One of my accountabilities that aligns with our school’s strategic priorities is innovation in teaching.  Ensuring out teachers have the practical knowledge and a repertoire of tactics and activities that they can apply to effectively achieve their classroom outcomes.

I'm faced with...

many teachers feeling under pressure to teach in new digital ways whilst still maintaining student engagement

Their current knowledge of digital delivery tactics and methods is basic, not much beyond a video of a talking head for an hour.  Students find this hard to engage with after long periods.  We need to increase our learning effectiveness by knowing the right digital tactic to best achieve an outcome.

I want to...

leverage all the talent that resides in our school in relation to digital teaching methods

Seeding a community-based approach to build educator confidence and skills in remote teaching pedagogy.  If we start by all sharing something we know, each teacher will end up knowing too many tactics that they can remember – this is a good problem to have.


Yammer and SharePoint (Communication Site)

We will set up a community of practice in our Yammer network to share tactics, share experiences, and troubleshoot ways forward.  Facilitating students is something we do everyday, we will not be short of things to try and experiences to share that will contribute to the growth of a sustainable community.

A future need will be to document a curated resource of tactics identified by the community.  We could do this using a SharePoint Communication Site.

I'll know this is
successful when...

our educators share their stories about improvements in their practice

Teachers can share a new skill / practice / approach they have gained and applied from this community.

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